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Insightful Pupil Assessment Tracking from £199

Powerful tracking software used in leading 'Outstanding' schools with no annual fees... ever.

“The amazing analysis output that comes from minimal teacher input is the best feature. The means less time on assessment and more time on real teaching.” - John Ashford, Assessment Lead, Lincoln Primary


How will Class Tracker work for your school?

Class Tracker is flexible, simple to use and highly effective. It has been designed to produce the charts, comparisons and reports which research shows the country's top performing schools use.

For teachers it is empowering, while leadership teams find it insightful. It has been designed with the new OFSTED framework in mind.

Why Class Tracker is different

Class Tracker was designed in collaboration with high-performing schools - including London's number #1 ranked primary school.

It produces reports schools really need, and was built for one main purpose: to move pupils' learning forward.

“If you are spending hundreds of pounds every year on a tracking system that tells YOU what to do - then you've got assessment wrong in your school. Class Tracker works with our existing system perfectly."

Deputy Head -St. Saviour's Primary, London

On Track and Exceeding

At a glance, see who is on-track or 'exceeding' and compare these percentages to times in the past.

Attainment and Progress Matrix

Compare current attainment and past attainment (e.g. end of KS1) and see which individual children are making accelerated progress and which aren’t. 

Data around individual pupils, not 'statistical noise'.

Select a class, a group or intervention, and see side-by-side how they are achieving and how quickly they are progressing. 

Take a closer look at 6 of Class Tracker's most requested reports


​​​​​​​​​​​​Progress Matrix plots attainment from two different assessment points on an easy-to-read grid.

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Attainment Venn displays ‘expected’ attainment in a Venn diagram showing the percentage and number of pupils ‘on track’ in one, two and all three of the core-subjects.

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Band Charts

Attainment Band Charts display percentages of different attainment bands in a bar graph.

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Class Tracker's 'Columns' list individual pupils in a class and display progress between two assessment points and present attainment side by side.

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You can see at a glance who is on-track, below and above – as well as better see the children who may be further outside those bands.

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Ticklist displays whether children have achieved ‘expected’ or 'above'. There is also a column for whether children have achieved the ‘combined’.

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"Other tracking systems have tied themselves into knots. 
They have caused teachers to grade hundreds of 
different objectives, score 'depth', 
and have made internal data 
unreliable and unmanageable."

Primary schools can easily pay £1000+ per year for a tracking solution. And over the last few years, these tracking companies have over-complicated primary assessment, misunderstood the new curriculum and confused schools. They are over-priced and, in many cases, spread bad practice at odds with latest research. And now OFSTED have called them out...

OFSTED are focusing on assessment - in particular, the quality of assessment and the workload around data collection and management. Class Tracker is designed by working teachers for schools, and NOT by a company miles away from the classroom.

Steps of Attainment

Class Tracker will fit with almost all existing 'steps of attainment' assessment methodology. You can have up to nine steps in a year group and up to six assessment drops a year.

Attainment Bands

However, if you are one of the growing number who have thrown away 'steps of progress' and instead group pupils into bands (e.g. below, expected, above) - Class Tracker can accommodate perfectly. We work around you - not the other way around.

New Way of Assessment

If you are looking for a new way to assess, we offer a guide to how other schools are using Class Tracker.

The current climate in education is the perfect time to re-evaluate your school's assessment procedures.

Join the assessment revolution

Other Schools Who Have Used Class Tracker

Now we use Class Tracker, we've been able to cancel our subscription to our long-standing pupil tracker. No more annual fees of over a thousand pounds... Class Tracker is very much liked by teachers, who can keep track on their pupils on what really matters. 

Nicola Leighton

Assistant Headteacher, Surrey Primary School

​​​​Cancel Your Expensive Tracking Solution!

Paying hundreds - if not thousands - of pounds every year for pupil tracking is unsustainable in this financial climate. It is not value for money. Why pay for an expensive online tracking solution, when OFSTED's new framework won't even ask for internal data? 

Save your school money - every year! Class Tracker can't be beaten on price and there are no recurring fees ever

The reports you need... while reducing teacher workload

Download the meaningful reports... at individual pupil and school level - without heaping extra work onto teachers.

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    It couldn't be easier to enter assessment data into Class Tracker. It uses a familiar cell system which automatically verifies any inputted results against your list of allowed grades, which eliminates human errors. You can edit your 'allowed' grades easily.
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    Your teachers will be able to access insightful reports which will assist them in teaching their class more effectively - which is surely the point of assessment in the first place!

Custom Marks and Standardised Scores

It's not just teacher assessment we analyse. 

Schools are increasingly turning towards bought-in tests, such as NFER or GL assessment, which provide standardised scores. In addition, many teachers are also using scores from their own custom tests. Class Tracker makes reports with these scores with ease.

Class Tracker has been created from the ground up with the recommendations from the education committee report on primary assessment.

You decide how Class Tracker works.

Here's how:

Choose the assessment grades and their names. 

A tracker should never tell you how to run your school.

What teachers input is up to you. Examples of a step-based system are Emerging, or Emerging and Emerging+. Or Year Grades like: Y6.2, Y6.2-, 4-6 or Y2Dev+. You decide. Or, if you prefer, use one of our 5 examples assessment schemes we know many schools are using. An increasing number of schools are now using a more simple Below, Expected and Above which Class Tracker can accommodate perfectly.

Class Tracker's reports can be fully personalised with your school's logo and name.

All reports are perfect for viewing on screen, printing on A4, or are easily exported to PDF.

Individual summary module

Class Tracker includes individual summary sheets for parents

Fully customisable.

Class Tracker's Individual Summary Sheets have saved many hours of teacher time and present the latest information about individual pupils in an accessible format for parents.

Grades and judgments are fully customisable, and Class Tracker includes a bank of over 500 easy-to-understand targets to choose from. 

Put primary assessment back into its box.

Get started with Class Tracker today.

Most schools are able to start using Class Tracker the same day as ordering.

1 Form Entry

For Smaller Schools (up to 250 pupils)


  • No recurring fees... EVER
  • Lifetime licence
  • Personalised to your school
  • Same day start up
  • Use risk free for 30 days
3 Form Entry

For Larger Schools (up to 3 form entry)


  • No recurring fees... EVER
  • Lifetime licence
  • Personalised to your school
  • Same day start up
  • Use risk free for 30 days





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Here are some common questions about Class Tracker.

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